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In the vibrant heart of Bangor, Northern Ireland, Hybrid MMA came to life in late 2019, a brainchild of two remarkable individuals who aren't just owners and head coaches, but also the living embodiment of success in the world of MMA. Arnaud Dos Santos and Andy Young, with their shining championship belts from various fight promotions, ignited the spark that would become a beacon for all who seek growth and greatness.

From those early days to the present, Hybrid MMA has flourished beyond imagination. It's not just a gym; it's a thriving community where values like respect and discipline aren't just taught on the mats, but woven into the fabric of every training session and every interaction.

Our growth mirrors the diverse needs of our members. We've expanded to offer something for everyone. Little Hybrids classes are a hub of youthful energy, Teens Classes foster budding potential, while our Adult Beginner and Female-only Classes celebrate personal journeys. For those with a warrior's spirit, Fighter Classes await, with an invitation to chase dreams on your terms.

Our coaching team, well-versed in MMA, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Wrestling, are more than instructors – they're mentors on your path to greatness. And while we proudly boast an active roster of Amateur MMA Fighters, remember this: in Hybrid MMA, no one is pushed into the ring. You can find your strength, your courage, and your skills here, whether you're destined to compete or just seeking a transformative journey.

At Hybrid MMA, we're more than a gym; we're a family united by the pursuit of betterment. Your story, your goals – they matter here. Together, we sculpt not just fighters, but champions of character and fortitude.

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